Come find Kodiak Rating at Sourcing Outlook 2018!

Sourcing Outlook 2018 is shaping up to be quite a knowledge-sharing opportunity for procurement and sourcing experts in the Nordic Region! EBG Networks will be hosting the event on October 11th, at Hotel Birger Jarl Conference in Stockholm, Sweden.

Kodiak Rating is happy to be sponsoring the event, and attending as an expert organization!

EBG Networks plans to answer the question that is on every procurement organization’s mind, “How do you future proof your sourcing and procurement strategies?”

What’s the Agenda

Digitalization, Technological Implementation and Innovation are the main focuses of Sourcing Outlook’s content, and presentations will be broken down into keynotes, focus sessions and deepened theme discussions.

Kodiak Rating will host two round-table discussions with focus of: supplier performance management: how to leverage suppliers to create top-line value. Malin Schmidt, CEO & Founder of Kodiak Rating will be joined by our customer practitioner, Patrik Nordqvist, Global Sourcing Manager at Perstorp.

Questions that will be raised, and discussed during the round-table will be:

  • How will you begin to clearly define your procurement team’s supplier KPIs?

  • How will performance management lead to reduction of total cost of ownership?

  • Are you monitoring supplier performance continuously and constructively – across categories, business areas and geographically?

  • How can we match strategic intent with supplier base performance measures?

Who’s Speaking?

Names such as Sony Mobile Communications, Boliden, Bonava, Circle K, IKEA, ISS will be in attendance.

The featured keynote presentations of the day are:

– Mia Lewis, CPO, Bonava : How would you build a procurement organization if you started from zero?

– Kyrsa de Bruine, Segment Director Business Services & IT, ISS Facility Services | Vivian van Eijsden, Key Account Manager for Accenture, ISS Facility Services Nederland | Frans van der Hoek, Procurement Category Manager & Boudewijn Hamersma, Workplace Innovator, Accenture : ISS journey to a relational contract. How they created a partnership Supplier side 

– Riccardo Drentin, Associate Partner & Mauro Erriquez, Partner, McKinsey & Company: New challenges and opportunities in sourcing and procurement

Interested in Meeting Kodiak Rating at Sourcing Outlook?

During the event, Kodiak Rating will have a display area, and is happy to have conversations/answer questions during breaks from the day’s speakers. If you know that you’ll be in attendance and are interested in speaking with a Kodiak Rating representative, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email before the event at !

Want to learn more about us?      

Kodiak Rating is a, cloud-based, Supplier Relationship Management platform, providing procurement professionals with the solutions and business intelligence necessary to ensure valuable relationships with suppliers.

Kodiak Rating optimizes selection, assessment and performance management of suppliers; backed by agile business intelligence, automation actions, feedback loops, ratings, analytics and reporting. Our promise is global sourcing excellence based on local supplier intelligence! Kodiak Rating’s platform for world-class supplier relationship management enhances top-line procurement performance, scales supply chain sustainability, and improves value and quality performance. We make procurement and sourcing activities easy, and fun!

Our software solutions are trusted by the likes of Perstorp, Bravida, Höganäs and many more.