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Know your Supplier

Global sourcing excellence, based on local supplier intelligence.
Our products offer a comprehensive - yet simple - approach for supplier relationship management. We work closely with procurement and sourcing professionals to ensure that our products drive strategic and operational excellence. All of the products below are easy to on-board so you and your team can get started quickly, and experience the great gains of agile and intelligent solutions.

How does it work?

Products of Kodiak Rating are offered individually, but can also be purchased as a suite within our SRM platform. Ratings & Analytics is at the heart of everything we do, and are a core feature included with all of our products.

Mix & match the products to fulfill your company's unique wants and needs! 
Easy Supplier Self-Assessment with
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Check your suppliers through supplier self-assessment. With in(SITE) you effectively survey your suppliers mode-of-operation, including compliance and governance via our powerful survey tool. This is complemented with templates, email engine, and follow-up of actions support.

Supply Chain Risk Assessment Made Easy with
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If your suppliers are operating in fragile, underdeveloped and/or human right-abusive countries – or you source raw-material and products, entailing specific production or sourcing risks - you are exposing your company to potential loss of brand and shareholder value. safe(SOURCE) intelligence allows you to assess and address supplier-related risks, before it can inflict damage to your company or brand value.

Supplier Audit and Factory Visit app
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By using the on(SITE) app, you simplify all activities involving a visit or an audit to a supplier, whilst allowing for easy information gathering on-site. This application allows you to prioritize supplier and factory visits, design an agenda and assign a visit/audit-checklist while collecting, storing and tracing information and documents. Take data from a factory floor back to your HQ in the blink of an eye.

Access Suppliers' Financial Rating with
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Through 3rd-party partnerships we provide access to the most extensive databases of accessible financial information directly integrated in Kodiak Rating’s SRM platform. Monitoring your supplier’s financial stability has never been so easy.

Supplier Performance Management with
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kp(INSIGHT) simplifies your supplier performance management. Harmonize evaluation areas, clarify performance goals and manage supplier performance input from various stakeholders - both internally and externally - with kp(INSIGHT). Seamlessly manage the feed-back and improvement loops of suppliers' performance.

Supplier Prospecting with
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select(SOURCE) simplifies the activities involved in selecting the best possible suppliers, from the start. Screen potential suppliers, manage your RFS process, rate prospective suppliers for easy contrast & compare and ultimately; select the right supplier.