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Know Your Supplier, Always.   

Drive supplier compliance & collaboration, manage risk, enforce sustainable operations and strengthen supplier performance from one platform. Nice.  

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Easy Supplier Self-Assessment with
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in(SITE) is a cornerstone for executing supplier self assessments in a systematic manner. Leave the excel and email’s back in 2010 and allow in(SITE) to help you streamline the execution of supplier self-assessments and/or RFx to strengthen supplier compliance.

Customize supplier assessments, according to your business-critical needs. Track all of your necessary supplier compliance documents such as follow up of certificates and expiration dates, and receive automated notifications and reminders regarding supplier compliance.

in(SITE) allows you to ‘Design’, ‘Monitor’ and ‘Manage’ Supplier Assessments with ease:

  • Customize the Design and structure of Templates for supplier assessments.
  • Execute Campaigns to quickly schedule or automate supplier assessments to entire categories, groupings of suppliers or a single supplier. 
  • Gather and Visualize data immediately, after submission of supplier assessment responses. 
Supply Chain Risk Assessment Made Easy with
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Gauge the resilience of a supplier’s risk profile by digging into the safe(SOURCE)™ index.
safe(SOURCE)™ is a macro supplier risk assessment, compiling publicly sourced geopolitical and financial indexes to produce a country risk profile as per the geo-location of a supplier. This supplier risk assessment and rating is generated by the Kodiak Rating team, and covers various risk parameters tied to human rights, labor rights, business ethics & anti-corruption, political stability & rule-of-law, environmental performance, economic stability, currency, and tradeability. 

Inquire with our team to learn more about how the safe(SOURCE)™ rating is developed. 
Supplier Auditing and Factory Visit app
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Make Supplier visits, supplier audits, and inspections easy!

Strengthen your supplier auditing activities and supplier management strategy with on(SITE) - Kodiak Rating’s intelligent Supplier Auditing application.
Design checklists, or used standardized checklists, set KPIs, designate an auditor, and send. Your company’s auditors or 3rd party actors simply download on(SITE) from the App Store, sign in on an iPad, Android tablet, or desktop and access the checklist you’ve designated for them. 

For the auditor/supplier quality professional: Easily answer checklists, take photos, check implementation levels, mark nonconformities, leave notes, and upload the checklist when complete, taking data from the factory floor back to HQ in seconds. 
Access Suppliers' Financial Rating with
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Financial stability is like a hygiene factor for supplier risk management. So make sure that your supplier base is keeping it clean!

Kodiak Rating has partnered with FinTech experts, Modefinance, to provide sleek financial reports with reliable data; from financial experts who know how to gauge financial risk best!

Financial risk assessments are displayed in a suppliers insight page, so you can have a quick overview of their overall rating, or dig into the specifics of their financial credibility. Take your supplier risk management one step further with better financial insight into your supplier base; all in one place. 

fin(SIGHT) generates an overall credit score, but you also have access to granular financial data such as Credit limit, Confidence Level, Probability of Default, Company Size, Credit
History, Liquidity and more. 
Supplier Performance Management with
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Supplier Performance Management is key to developing procurement and sourcing that drives top-line and stakeholder value.

kp(INSIGHT) is used to effectively evaluate and rate your supplier performance over time. The purpose of kp(INSIGHT) is to provide a basis for measuring and enforcing continuous improvement and development of your suppliers, to operationalize your sourcing strategies for suppliers, categories and the supplier base as a whole.

Supplier performance evaluation has never been this easy. Design sleek internal stakeholder evaluations, set acceptance criteria for supplier performance parameters, goal set, and define KPIs. Source in data in the various supplier performance parameters from existing business solutions and provide data displays so evaluations are as accurate as possible, cutting down on inefficient, or unreliable, stakeholder feedback about supplier performance.
Supplier Prospecting with
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select(SOURCE) simplifies the activities involved in selecting the best possible suppliers, from the start. Screen potential suppliers, manage your RFx process, rate prospective suppliers for easy contrast & compare and ultimately; select the right supplier.