Become the smartest buyer in the room.

Our Enterprise Supplier Management software solution drives sustainable global trade, one smart sourcing decision at a time. Find out how Kodiak Rating can help your team buy smarter & save time on supplier management. 
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Proudly selected to SpendMatters 50 Procurement Providers to Watch in 2020!
We’re proud to be recognized, and energized to continue our journey; creating impact and improvement in global procurement teams by enhancing supplier management and creating smarter, safer, and more sustainable supply chains at scale! As stated by Spend Matters, "These are the up-and-comers: solution providers who continue to grow and develop innovative products propelling the market forward” (SpendMatters).
Buyer's Best Friend Forever. 
Know your Supplier      
Are you looking for a game-changer to maximize value, drive sustainable production and increase efficiency and transparency in all parts of your supply chain? Kodiak Rating supplier relationship management and supplier performance management platform enable you to get the most out of partnering with the right suppliers, drive operational excellence for sourcing and procurement, and gain access to advanced supplier and sourcing analytics in a similar fashion that CRM has enabled Sales and Marketing functions for years.
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Automate daily operations 
Enhance collaboration between your team and suppliers at scale
By automating daily supplier relationship management tasks, simplifying anything from supplier selection, assessment, audits, and follow-up, you can focus on the fun stuff. Don’t get bogged down in boring analog supplier relationship management. Spend your time bringing even better products and services to the market to increase business and market impact. Kodiak Rating helps you move beyond risk management and assessments, and focus on the opportunities and value within your supplier base. 
Impact Sustainable Development at the source
Drive Sustainability Performance in your supply chain by enhancing responsible business practices among your suppliers, ensure traceability and transparency in your supply chain, improve buyer-supplier collaboration and streamline supplier development
Maximize value, drive impact and stay on top of your game
Power procurement, sourcing, and sustainability excellence 
Profitable & sustainable buyer/supplier relationships are built on a shared interest for value chain improvements. Kodiak Rating’s KPI rating scheme is a cornerstone of our platform and aids you to create a deepened risk and performance profile of your suppliers. We pair easy-to-use functionality that enables you to drive improvements and innovation with game-changing supplier collaboration and supplier relationship management. Our SRM & SPM platform offers 360º performance monitoring making it easy for you to:

  • Gain commercial wins and lower costs 
  • Drive supplier innovation and quality development
  • Enforce responsible business practices
  • Ensure sustainable modes of operating in all parts of your supply chain
  • Spot supply chain risks before they become a problem
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Ready for lift-off? 
Your journey towards smarter Supplier Relationship Management starts today
Prepare yourself for a future of ML and predictive analytics, by implementing smart data management and BI already now. Kodiak Rating enables you to gather data in a structured, dynamic and simple way by making it part of your team's daily work. Kodiak Rating's supplier relationship management platform consists of an ecosystem of data-gathering apps enabling you to utilize supplier touch points; be it as goods are received, or an audit of a factory, or gathering input on the experience of a supplier. Analyzing this data will enable you to become smarter – and more sustainable - predicting where problems may arise, where quality deviations may occur and which suppliers will be the champions of your supply chain.
Interested in seeing if Kodiak Rating supplier relationship management & supplier performance management platform is right for you?
12 Supplier Management activities that you can automate w/ ProcureTech: Webinar Recording
It's time for Procurement to work smarter... not harder! Download our May Webinar recording & learn more about 12 Supplier Management activities you can automate with modern ProcureTech solutions. 
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