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Supplier Relationship Management shaped for the future.

Kodiak Rating Supplier Relationship Management & Supplier Performance Management software solution helps your team save time and resources on daily supplier relationship management operations, enhance responsible sourcing, and gain reliable analytics & robust supplier ratings that drive strategic sourcing and procurement insights. 

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Impact Sustainable Development at the source.
Drive Sustainability Performance in your supply chain by enhancing responsible business practices among your suppliers, ensure traceability and transparency in your supply chain, improve buyer-supplier collaboration and streamline supplier development.
Supplier Relationship Management doesn't need to be difficult!

Select Suppliers

Evaluate Suppliers

Collaborate with Suppliers

Innovate with Suppliers

Procure Smarter.  
Getting started on the Kodiak Rating platform is quick and easy! 
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Easy Onboarding.

Kodiak's tech team handles the import of supplier data, and configuration of necessary existing business solutions (ERP, PLM, etc.) with the Kodiak Rating platform so you can step into a turn-key solution!

Set KPIs and Goals.
Kodiak Rating takes into account the individuality of your organization’s supplier relationship management and supplier performance management KPIs, and helps your team to align strategic, tactical and operational goals. Agree upon KPIs, and use the Kodiak Rating solution to design supplier assessments and set rating parameters. 
Assess Suppliers.

Excite members of your team and roll out your first supplier self-assessment, supplier audit or performance evaluation campaign! Schedule, automate reminders, instantly gather compliance documentation, monitor engagement and save a ton of time in the process! 

Get Instant Ratings. 
Ratings and Analytics are generated instantly upon the response of supplier assessments, audits and supplier performance evaluations. Gain access to gripping data visualization, and a robust analytics functionality, so you can start drawing conclusions about your supplier base as a whole or gain insight into a single supplier insight page.

Join the Journey towards Smarter Supplier Relationship Management 
SRM is in for the same ride that CRM took 15-20 years ago. Sales and Marketing have had innovative solutions supporting their daily operations for years. Now it's procurement and sourcing's time to shine!
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15 Do's and Don'ts for your Procurement Team!

Improving within procurement is a continuous uphill battle and – sometimes – the easiest way to develop and innovate is to review the basics, and also to educate your team of potential pitfalls.

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Digitalization of SRM

97% of CPO’s agree that Supplier Relationship Management is a key priority for enhancing their overall procurement strategies.

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Global Customers creating transparency in their Supply Chain with Kodiak Rating
Kodiak Rating’s SRM and SPM platform is a solution built for teams, used by teams. Our platform is industry agnostic, and we have customers managing supplier relationships and driving supplier performance, across the globe, within various industry verticals. 

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