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About Us
Our Story. 
A couple of years ago, In 2015, Spring flourished in Stockholm, Sweden. Birds were chirping, the birches were blooming, and Kodiak Rating came out of its den and finished its final period of hibernation when Malin Schmidt - Kodiak Rating Founder & CEO - decided she had seen enough poor digital solutions forced upon line-managers and co-workers. 

Malin had spent years working together with global teams, developing business value through a collaborative and partnership approach, and was struggling to understand why technology was not used as a link between people and collaboration at scale in the B2B world? 

How come managers and executives within strategic functions - be it Procurement, Sourcing, Quality or Supply Chain Management - had access to better analytics when they go for a run in the morning than when they step into the office?

We're on a quest to solve this challenge. 
Our Purpose 
Kodiak Rating is the brainchild of a team of technology professionals & global supply chain and sourcing executives, who think that smart, safe and sustainable sourcing and supplier relationship management, should not be as difficult - or risky - as it is today. Our team is international and tight-knit, comprised of competent and creative individuals. We operate by a methodology of constantly pushing the envelope within our performance to ensure growth & innovation, challenging the common and creating the contemporary!
Our Team. 
We are a game-changer for the way companies leverage value in their global supply chains, at the awesome crossroad between Tech, Sourcing, Procurement, Quality & Sustainability. From this intersection we enable companies to scale truly sustainable value; enhancing sustainable business practices at its source, bringing new and innovative products and services to customers and new markets through traceable & transparent supply chains. 
Kodiak's Roar
Contrary to the common belief, bears aren’t mean or malicious animals. Bears are tolerant, gentle and affectionate animals. Leaders of the pack, are devoted to their pack, and clear about their place in the wild. Not unlike people, bears can be empathetic, fearful, playful and even altruistic. 

At Kodiak Rating, we too have distinct attributes that can be seen and heard within our team and within our products - we call this Kodiak’s Roar. Our Roar has weaved its way into the very fibers of our company’s existence, our purpose, and can be experienced in everything we do. The core 4 of Kodiak Rating’s Roar are listed below: 

Designing and building a great product is made up of countless acts of empathy for people; be it our users or those we work with. Our platform enables our customers to positively impact the world and to enhance the quality of life for people and their environment. This requires us to keep our fellow humans, in the forefront of everything we design, develop, deliver and do.


Our team is obsessed and continuously on the hunt for that ‘Wow’ moment, to surprise our customers and to enable them to exceed beyond the ordinary. To achieve this we ask good questions at the right time to the right people, setting out to always always be curious about how things work, what our customers need and what makes our users tick.


‘It’s our party, we can cry if we want to, we can dance if we want to.’ We are fully committed, and accountable for the value we bring to peers, customers and the world at large. Together with our Kommunity, we create the platform, solution and world we want to be a part of!


Impacting sustainable modes of operating at scale, takes guts. As we are building something new, we are venturing into unknown territory forging new paths every day. This also means taking a stand for what we believe is the right way to go. In our pursuit of daring greatly we’re not always going to fit the mold, but we’re not looking to win a popularity contest, we’re here to create impact.