Kodiak Rating joining Sourcing Outlook 2019

Come find Kodiak Rating at EBG Network’s Sourcing Outlook 2019 on October 10th, 2019. 

The who’s who of Procurement and Sourcing will meet in the fall of 2019 to talk disruption, technology, strategy and operations. There’s a little something for everyone at Sourcing Outlook 2019.

Kodiak Rating will be in attendance as a sponsor, exhibitor and roundtable host. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our SRM & SPM platform, don’t hesitate to stop by our booth, and receive a quick overview of the solution or speak with a member of our team. 

Kodiak Rating’s Roundtable Discussion set to take place on October 10th will be as following: Combating supply chain complexity & scaling supplier collaboration to create shared value 

The complexity of SCM in a world of increasing globalization, and growing expectations on both increased performance and effective risk management, often places strategic sourcing and procurement in between a rock, and a hard place. 

The question is, how can CPOs, Strategic Sourcing and Category Managers combat this complexity and truly leverage supplier collaboration as a value-adder and a driver of positive impact?

Interested in learning more about our roundtable or Sourcing Outlook 2019, in general: check out the program here. 

About Kodiak Rating

Kodiak Rating’s cloud-based Supplier Relationship Management & Supplier Performance Management platform simplifies trade and accelerates value enhancement between buyers and suppliers. Kodiak Rating places intelligence in the hands of procurement and sourcing professionals, enabling teams to automate daily operations, develop deepened supplier insights and ratings, and drive sustainable development, quality, and performance in all parts of their supply chain. Today, Kodiak Rating is working with organizations such as Perstorp, Bravida, Höganäs, Northvolt, and many more. 

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About Sourcing Outlook

Coming from a behavioral science background, EBG understands the challenges related to changing behavior. And that changing behavior is the key to most business development success. Sourcing and procurement as a profession have changed over the past years. Considering the advances in technology such as AI, RPA, machine learning and analytics it for sure will change even more. As will how companies do business.