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Increase ROI on your Audits and Supplier visits! 

Audits and supplier visits are an excellent way to build reports and relationships with your suppliers. The on(SITE) module enables you to have a professional and structured approach in all parts of an auditing process. This will quickly increase the ROI on your auditing activities, based on the on(SITE) fully digitalized best-practice workflow - including audit checklist templates, structured audit trails, management of NCN, compiling of documentation & sleek reports & robust ratings. 
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Tailor Audits to your business needs

The on(SITE) module is an easy-to-use tool covering a wide range of needs; be it a code of conduct audit done by your sustainability team, a full-fledged quality audit or a product inspection carried out by your quality team. Tailor your own audit checklists or utilize ready-to-use audit templates from the on(SITE) global library covering CoC Audits, System Audits, Product Inspections, Process Audits or Due Diligence activities on-site.

Available Offline and On-the-Go

The on(SITE) supplier audit, due diligence & visit application is compatible with desktop & mobile devices (iPad and/or Android Tablet), and functions offline, to fit teams that are on the go. 

Actionable Insights that drive Sustainable Modes of Operating

on(SITE) puts audit output into immediate use, as Kodiak Rating caters for smooth cross-functional collaboration and alignment around development- and improvement actions together with the suppliers. Audit reports & ratings are easily turned into actionable insights driving sustainable supplier performance and continuous value development. 

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