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Using Machine Learning to Identify & Manage Supply Chain Risk.
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What can you expect from the webinar recording?

  • Introduction of Kodiak Rating & Meltwater.
  • Background of Digital Complexities facing Procurement in 2020.
  • & Meltwater delve into the potential application of supply chain signals.
  • Demonstration of Meltwater x Kodiak Rating ML application for identifying and managing supply chain risk w/ the use of Machine Learning. 
21 Takeaways from Procurement's year in 2019. 
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What can you expect from the webinar?

Our team has taken the time to reflect and share our 21 Biggest Takeaways from Procurement’s year in 2019. This webinar highlights takeaways within 3 main focus areas: 
  • Talent
  • Strategy 
  • Technology
The Secrets to Creating Responsible Negotiation Power...
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What can you expect from the webinar?

  • What is Responsible Negotiation Power?
  • Understand what the secret sauce is for creating responsible negotiation power.
  • Answering the question: What does it take to have a collaborative, and fruitful, relationship with suppliers. 
  • Dive into some best practices that you and procurement, sourcing and sustainability team can align behind to enhance the likelihood of creating responsible negotiation power. 
8 Easy Ways to Build Trust & Transparency w/ your Suppliers. 
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What can you expect from the webinar?

  • Understand how a quality SRM strategy and activities can positively impact your organization's value chain.
  • Delve into quick tips to manage supplier relationships.
  • Discussion of the importance of looking beyond tier-1 suppliers, and having a holistic understanding of your supply chain tiers/how they adversely impact your brand and top-line value. 
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Realizing Responsible Sourcing: Balancing people, planet and profitability!

To summarize some of the focal points from the content presented in the webinar:

  • Creating sustainable development in your organization is a matter of implementing sustainability within the line; this is where procurement and sourcing can make a difference.
  • Procurement and sourcing should be focused on taking the journey towards impacting top-line and brand value, because you deserve a seat at the table! 
  • Responsible sourcing initiatives are best implemented when supplier relationship management and supplier performance management are in focus. 
  • Implementing a strong focus on responsible sourcing will breed impact for your organization and society at large.