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Why Source Responsibly?
Procurement with a higher value.

In today’s global market, sourcing has become one of the most important means to create top-line value and differentiate your company’s products, services and brand. Profitability is not an indication of enhanced value, if it is built at the expense of people or planet.

Responsible sourcing is increasingly business critical, and all participating actors are equally accountable for the balance between sourcing commercially viable, ethically and sustainably. Actualizing responsible sourcing requires the application of strategy, paired with enhanced business intelligence for smarter – more agile – operations.

Kodiak Rating makes your journey towards sourcing responsibly a bit easier. And fun. 

A New Standard.

Responsible sourcing, and procurement activities, are best implemented by holding sustainability and ethicality as a top criterion for selecting and collaborating with suppliers. 

The relationships we choose to form today, will become the outcome of tomorrow. As collective stakeholders in the future of industry, and our planet, we have the ability to reshape procurement at its very core; together.  

Do you want to start sourcing responsibly?

Spend money where it's most wisely spent!