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Supplier Relationship Management made simple.
Gain deeper supplier insights to know where you buy from, who you buy from, and why you buy from them; from the comfort of one scalable platform. 
Supplier Relationship Management doesn't need to be difficult!

Select Suppliers

Streamline RFx

Evaluate Suppliers

Assess, Audit, Evaluate

Collaborate w/ Suppliers

Develop and drive Performance

Innovate with Suppliers

Create top-line Value
Procure Smarter.  
Getting started on the Kodiak Rating platform is quick and easy! 
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Easy Onboarding.

Kodiak's tech team handles the import of supplier data, and configuration of necessary existing business solutions (ERP, PLM, etc.) with the Kodiak Rating platform so you can step into a turn-key solution!

Set KPIs and Goals.
Kodiak Rating takes into account the individuality of your organization’s supplier relationship management and supplier performance management KPIs, and helps your team to align strategic, tactical and operational goals. Agree upon KPIs, and use the Kodiak Rating solution to design supplier assessments and set rating parameters. 
Assess Suppliers.

Excite members of your team and roll out your first supplier self-assessment, supplier audit or performance evaluation campaign! Schedule, automate reminders, instantly gather compliance documentation, monitor engagement and save a ton of time in the process! 

Get Instant Ratings. 
Ratings and Analytics are generated instantly upon the response of supplier assessments, audits and supplier performance evaluations. Gain access to gripping data visualization, and a robust analytics functionality, so you can start drawing conclusions about your supplier base as a whole or gain insight into a single supplier insight page.

Streamline Supplier Selection.
Kodiak Rating offers access to robust data, giving users a wide scope of information for screening potential suppliers. 

Regardless of your industry, we supply you with the data-intelligence needed, to make sure you’re selecting the right suppliers – unique to your company – from the start. We guarantee – to all of our customers – to optimize prospective-supplier identification, evaluation and contracting. 
  • Screen potential suppliers 
  • Gain access to robust supplier-related data sets 
  • Streamline your RFQ & RFI 
  • Rate prospective suppliers 
  • Easy compare and contrast features
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Easy Supplier Assessment, Supplier Audits and Supplier Performance Evaluation. 
Kodiak Rating’s agile platform removes the headache of supplier governance and gauging supplier performance. Import your existing supplier data, and tag your suppliers with ease. Design, monitor and manage supplier assessments and supplier performance evaluations. 

Enhancing supplier compliance and supplier performance are given when things are made this simple.
Design supplier assessments, supplier audits, and supplier performance evaluations intended for suppliers, unique to the scope and industry of your company. Kodiak Rating design functionality allows users to focus in on assessing elements that are business-critical to their specific procurement organization. 
After designing supplier assessments, put together email campaigns, complete with automation features, notifications, and follow-up reminders. Choose recipients, schedule campaigns and send out to thousands of suppliers with complete ease.
Managing your campaigns is simple with Kodiak Rating’s platform. Track open rates, click-thru and receive quick-view visualized data from suppliers, auditors and/or internal stakeholder responses. 
Powering Buyer Excellence through Deeper Supplier Intelligence
Kodiak Rating’s platform visualizes data in various parameters - individualized to the users SRM and SPM goals - tied to social and environmental impact, sustainable business practices, management system certification, value, financial stability, resilience of supplier location, innovation, supply chain performance, quality of delivered goods/service, commerciality, productivity, and more. 
Receive quick-view analytics of an entire supplier base, groupings of suppliers, categories of suppliers, and/or single suppliers. Quickly peruse ratings of supplier performance, quality, compliance, environmental impact and more!
Filter suppliers into groups in order to compare and contrast suppliers for those moments where a deeper dive and analysis are necessary. Understand where your suppliers are performing well, and where they could do better.
Get an idea of how many of your suppliers have completed each of your assessment campaigns.
Spot correlations of supplier performance in various aspects such as performance, financial, sustainability and more. See the trends before they happen, and impact future decisions regarding supplier relationships and collaborations.
Collaborate and Take Action.

Kodiak Rating is built with collaboration and shared-value in mind. Managing suppliers, and forming valuable relationships, requires transparency and direct lines of communication – both – internally and externally. 

Take action!

Set actions internally to other users, and/or corrective actions to your supplier base. Interact with suppliers who aren’t functioning in compliance to wants and needs, manage performance, create development projects, mark non-conformities, make an improvement proposal, make an observation and enhance agile collaboration. 

Keep your team in the Loop!

  • Share findings easily with your entire team 
  • Drag and drop analytics and ratings 
  • Build customized reports 
  • Export reports for meetings