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Supplier Relationship Management made simple.
Gain deeper supplier insights to know where you buy from, who you buy from, and why you buy from them; from the comfort of one scalable platform. 
Smarter SRM, Faster.  
Getting started on the Kodiak Rating platform is quick and easy! 
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1. Get Onboard Fast.
Give Kodiak Rating team access to your supplier data, and we take care of the rest. No IT Necessary!
2. Excite your Team!
Kodiak Rating helps you align your procurement & sourcing teams KPIs & goals tied to supplier compliance, supplier risk & supplier performance!
3. Manage Suppliers.

Design, schedule, automate reminders, instantly gather compliance documentation, monitor engagement, drive supplier performance and save a ton of time in the process! 

4. Instant Ratings. 
Ratings and Analytics are generated instantly upon the response of supplier assessments, audits and supplier performance evaluations. 
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Visualize Supply Chain Risks

Gain an overview of your suppliers around the globe and quickly gather an understanding of macro risks tied to your suppliers' location. Move beyond risk management and focus on leveraging the value of your supplier base with Kodiak Rating.

Get SRM out of Excel & Mail

Digitalize and automate your manual tasks & processes tied to managing your supplier base, and gather mindblowing amounts of data along the way. Kodiak Rating SRM & SPM platform supports supplier onboarding, RFx, supplier assessment, financial risk assessment, macro risk assessment, compliance management, supplier audits, and supplier performance management.
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360º Supplier Ratings & Analytics

Kodiak Rating helps you to quickly make sense of your suppliers' risk & performance by providing you with 360º supplier ratings. Let Kodiak Rating do the heavy lifting, as the platform makes sense of data from various sources so you know your suppliers, for real. 

Drive Buyer-Supplier Collaboration

Kodiak Rating gives you the solutions needed to drive supplier performance and development over time, enhance buyer-supplier collaboration and enable supplier led-innovation.
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All your SRM needs in one Platform.
Supplier Information Management
  • Improve Supplier Data Quality 
  • Category Management
  • Manage Supplier Data Properties & Attributes
  • Note-Taking
Risk & Compliance Management
  • Process & Contract Compliance
  • Insights from 3rd Party Sources
  • Risk Updates
  • Supplier Audit Module
  • Self Assessments Module
  • Notifications & Red Flags
Relationship Management
  • Supplier Onboarding
  • Supplier Engagement
  • Collaboration space for task and project management
Performance Management
  • KPI & Goal setting
  • Supplier Performance Evaluation Module
  • Monitoring & Follow-up
  • Actions Management
  • Supplier Ratings
  • Big Data Analytics & Reporting
Do you Know your Supplier?
Book a demo today to see if the Kodiak Rating platform is right for you and your procurement team!