Malin Schmidt joins speakers at SFKs World Quality Day 2019

“World Quality Day is designed to recognise the contributions of quality professionals across the globe. It is your opportunity to celebrate the achievements of your team and organisation” (

Quality Management is a central function in the organization focused on safeguarding brand value, ensuring standards within product & service and a central focus for organizational development & sustainable operations. 

Kodiak Rating’s is proud to announce that our CEO & Founder, Malin Schmidt, has been selected to speak at SFK’s (Svenska Förbundet för Kvalitet) World Quality Day 2019 in Malmö, Sweden.

Malin will be in attendance representing Kodiak Rating, but more importantly speaking at one of the morning’s keynotes about how organizations can enhance their value chain & market positioning by driving sustainable development & operations within the global supply chain. 

The day is jam packed with killer keynotes & knowledge sharing from some of the top names in Swedish industry & consumer brands, such as, IKEA, Oatly, Berendsen and more. 

If you’re interested in learning more about SFK, or World Quality Day 2019, check out SFK’s website & peruse their program for the event on November 14th 2019.