Kodiak Rating joins the festivities at 600 Minutes Procurement.

600 Minutes Procurement, a true meeting of the minds in Swedish Procurement, is hosted by Management Events at Quality Friends Hotel on September 25, 2018. And…

Kodiak Rating will be there as a sponsor, and expert organization to enjoy the fun! Management Events describes the event as an exploration of the “future and current impacts of digitalization on procurement, including strategies to maximize value and savings from supplier relationships, cycle times, risk reductions and collaboration improvement.”

Simply put, it’s the who’s-who of the procurement community in Sweden, and some impressive names will be joining the speaker list.

Kodiak Rating is just happy to be a part of it all!

Who’s speaking?

There are a ton of talented presenters planned to speak at the event, and a plethora of exciting technology and consultancy vendors that will, too, be alongside Kodiak Rating. Amongst the speakers are names like:

Ulf Brömster – Head of IT Product and Services Sourcing, Ericsson AB

Christer Kollberg – Nordic Purchasing Director, Beijer Byggmaterial AB

Anna Henriksson – Nordic Head of Procurement, Coor Service Management Group AB

Mia Lewis – CPO, Bonava AB

Gustaf Leijonmarck, Group Procurement Manager, ICA Gruppen AB

…. and more!

What’s the topic of discussion?

As stated, the event will be focused upon addressing the on-going digitalization of procurement as a function, and how digital transformation within the role will continue to impact Swedish industry at large. Interested in learning more about 600 Minutes Discussion Topics? Click the link here!

Interested in meeting Kodiak Rating at the Event?

Our schedule is pretty filled up with meetings, and interesting speakers during September 25th, but we’re always happy to meet new faces! If you’ll be in attendance at the event, and think that meeting Kodiak Rating would be of interest to you and your organization, shoot us an email at before the event.

Want to learn more about us?

Kodiak Rating is a, cloud-based, Supplier Relationship Management platform, providing procurement professionals with the solutions and business intelligence necessary to ensure valuable relationships with suppliers.

Kodiak Rating optimizes selection, assessment and performance management of suppliers; backed by agile business intelligence, automation actions, feedback loops, ratings, analytics and reporting. Our promise is global sourcing excellence based on local supplier intelligence! Kodiak Rating’s platform for world-class supplier relationship management enhances top-line procurement performance, scales supply chain sustainability, and improves value and quality performance. We make procurement and sourcing activities easy, and fun!

Our software solutions are trusted by the likes of Perstorp, Bravida, Höganäs and many more.