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5 Nordic Tech Companies that you may not know about, but you most certainly should.

The Serendipity Challenge, hosted at Almedalen 2017, contained the who’s who of Nordic growth ventures.

Business models were in abundance, and the level of young talents in the room was apparent from the opening bell! Of over 400 companies that applied, 50 companies were selected to the Challenge, 24 were chosen to pitch in front of a private jury, 7 were chosen to pitch in front of the entire venue, and then the winner’s were selected of “Startup of the Year” and “Growth Venture of the Year”.

In addition to the two main prizes, which included a possibility to pitch in Silicon Valley, and services/funding worth 200,000 SEK, there was an “Industry’s Prize” and a “Public’s Prize”, up for grabs, for all 50 companies in attendance.

Kodiak Rating was one of the 50 companies selected, which makes us very proud, but we did not win any of the 4 prizes that were dealt out on stage. For us, being in attendance was enough of an honor. We were humbled by the experience and opportunity to take part in an event boasting the best and brightest companies the Nordics have to offer.

Drum roll please….

As for the winners, SaltX Technology took the “Industry Prize” and “Growth Venture of the Year” while SprinkleBit took home the “Startup of the Year” award.

SprinkleBit is an investing and trading community and educational platform, built to better the decision making of the casual/everyday trader. Their enthusiastic presentation paired by an impressive expansion model shocked the judges and the audience.

SaltX Technology was quite possibly the most impactful business concept in attendance at the Serendipity Challenge, and their win reflected that notion. They have developed a battery that is able to store energy within salt. The chemistry of the product was quite complex, but the potential impact of SaltX’s vision was rather obvious.

As stated, the winners were well deserved, and I was happy to see them take home their titles.

For every winner that stood up on stage, there were another 24 talented companies that looked onwards and applauded. Of the remaining 48 companies that weren’t recognized on stage, I figured I’d give an after action review, and show some credit were credit is due.

Here is, my 5 favorite growth ventures who didn’t win Serendipity Challenge, but you should take note of:



Mimbly has developed an apparatus for recycling water and energy consumed when washing clothing in washing machines. Their mission is to challenge and “permanently change the way industries consume water” (mimbly.net).

Mimbly’s add on apparatus, MIM, recycles the use of water, decreases unnecessary waste, and saves energy expenditure of washing machines. On their website, it is stated that adding on the Mimbly system, laundry centers can “recycle up to 79% of the water and 76% of the energy used in laundry systems” (mimbly.net). Their main goal is to work with small to mid-sized hotels and apartment complexes in order to save them time, money and energy from the very first load of wash. Less waste, better world.


Signal Signal 1-sXRohXMuaSon9612ZyMqaA.png

Signal Signal was amongst the final 7 companies to pitch on the main stage during the closing hours of the Serendipity Challenge. As stated before, the competition was tough, and they didn’t win any of the prizes the challenge had to offer, but they caught my attention, and I believe many others in the audience felt the same.

They have developed a spoken media-monitoring platform, in which businesses and individuals are able to follow their brands/titles/names in spoken influencer media. Technology is utilized, developed by Signal Signal, which “listens” to media within various channels, transcribes spoken word to text, and gives users in-depth reports and analysis surrounding the keywords searched.



Equilab was a stand out from the reoccurring theme of sustainability, digitalization, and environmentally driven business ideas. But just because they were different, doesn’t mean this company doesn’t have the potential to become a tech powerho(r)se.

Equilab has developed a mobile application for passionate horse riders, trainers and enthusiast to track their rides, compile data, develop trends, give in-depth reporting, and maintain a social presence with other riders. The methodology is to develop better training habits with your horses giving them your best so they can continue to perform at their best. What may seem quite simple actually couples extremely technically advanced methods within an easy-to-use app, bearing one of the sleekest user interfaces I viewed under the competition.

I’m not a horse rider myself, but if I was, I’d be downloading Equilab as I read this article.



Epishine has a vision for to create “the most scalable, resource efficient and affordable solar module in the world” (epishine.se)

The technology the company has developed is what sets it apart from other solar energy competitors. Their lightweight solar strips work “where conventional solar cells doesn’t work” (epishine.se). This means indoor and other areas that receive less solar light than it typically takes to create solar energy.

Epishine’s production of efficient solar energy at a price point, and mobility that hasn’t been paralleled before in the solar energy market, boasts massive potential societal impact.



Doctrin is an e-health software developed to improve the efficiency of medical care by reducing time of visits, aiding diagnoses, and improving patient engagement.

By providing a potential patient with an machine learning, smart-technology assessment survey, the visit to the doctor is streamlined. Doctor’s are provided with the information, lessening the need for questioning during the visit, and saving both sides a lot of time and money. In some cases the application has been utilized to give an initial diagnosis of a patient, which has then been validated by a doctor in just a few minutes. Their sample case cut the visit time to a doctor by about 10 times.


When it’s all said and done, every participant that was in attendance at the Serendipity Challenge was a winner. This event proves that the Nordics are producing startups and growth ventures, which are creating serious innovation, and potential for impact.

We at Kodiak Rating are happy to be a part of that community, and wish the best to all of the other participants in their journeys and growth.

Until next week.