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Takes 2 to Trade
It’s our responsibility, as business professionals, especially within procurement and sourcing, to ensure that trade perpetuates value, growth, sustainable business practices and job-creation, globally. 
Ensuring trade creates added-value to business and society at large
Trade has been around for a long time,
but we intend to change its future. 
The business of Trade dates back to over 150,000 years ago, and is an innate fact of life and business. One of the underlying facts of trade, in all contexts: It Takes 2, to Trade!
The relationship between Buyer and Supplier is key in ensuring that trade is completed efficiently, and done with everyone’s best interests taken into consideration. Commerce is essential to the growth of industry. But, it’s essential for trade to be an opportunity for businesses to do good in their cross-organizational collaboration. 
Kodiak Rating exists to link the buyer and supplier, serving as a technology that creates trust and collaboration at scale. 
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The Buyer in Transition
Better Buying Intelligence based on 
deeper supplier insights 
The ‘Buyer’ is a role in transition, and teams should be turning to technology, digitalization and data gathering/visualization to support their journey towards procurement and sourcing excellence. 
The ‘Seller’ has had a plethora of solutions to be able to support and automate their daily activities and strategies (MAP, Customer Engagement Platforms, CRM, Email Marketing, Ad Tools etc.) for years. 
The ‘Buyer’ has been left to their own devices. Little to no-budget has been allocated to enhance the technological capabilities of the ‘Buyer’. Procurement and sourcing teams are navigating and managing risk in an ever-changing landscape, whilst operating in email, Excel, and Email. 
It’s time for the ‘Buyer’ to shine, and gain access to scalable digital solutions!
Buyer's Best Friend Forever
Find out why Kodiak Rating is trusted
by thousands of procurement and sourcing 
professionals around the globe!
Kodiak Rating has identified that procurement and sourcing professionals are grossly unarmed with the right solutions to complete their jobs- in line with current demands. 
Supplier Relationship Management and Supplier Performance Management activities hold the potential for robust data collection. Data sets generated from SRM actions – such as supplier assessments, governance, supplier evaluations, corrective actions, collaboration, development projects, factory audits, and credit scoring – provide an important basis for further decisions regarding suppliers. 
Kodiak Rating helps your procurement organization harness supplier-related data, ensuring you have the supplier intelligence necessary to build high-performing, trustworthy, supplier relationships.