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Building an airtight Business Case for Supplier Relationship Management [Webinar Recording]
Supplier Relationship Management is an increasingly key area of focus within global procurement organizations. The modern age of SRM is upon us, and this will require organizational shifts in strategy, culture, process & solutions.

But does your leadership recognize the importance?

Procurement professionals surveyed in the 2019 CPO Rising study responded that limited budgets and lack of modern procurement technologies were the top seen as the top 2 hurdles for achieving procurement objectives between 2020-2022.

Despite the general lack of budget & tooling in procurement, it was reported in the 2020 WBR Insights & Mintec report that 80% of survey respondents viewed the application of digital procurement solutions as of medium to high importance within the overall corporate strategy.

In order to meet increasing internal pressures to manage supply risks, enhance supplier performance, improve negotiation power, and drive innovation, a holistic view of SRM is required, which requires investment in people, process & technology.

This webinar recording will provide you with all the ammunition you’ll need to build an air-tight business case for Supplier Relationship Management.
What to expect from this Webinar Recording?
  • Introduction & Agenda from Presenter Sam Jenks
  • Steps to Business Case Success 
  • Value Drivers for SRM
  • Where's the ROI in SRM?