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10 Tips to Build Beautiful & Balanced Supplier Scorecards (Live Webinar)


Supplier scorecards are a valuable resource to save time on strategic sourcing decisions, manage supplier performance, spot supplier risk, ensure compliance and drive collaboration with the best suppliers. 

With this said, few procurement teams have modern solutions in place to truly build balanced and visually appealing supplier scorecards. It’s time to put away your spreadsheets, and push your RAG scores to the side!

Sit in with Kodiak Rating on September 1st, 2021 at 15:00 CEST as we provide a crash course in building beautiful and balanced supplier scorecards that will help you source smarter, safer, and more sustainably! 

This webinar will offer practical tips, as well as best practices demonstrated in the Kodiak Rating SRM solution that lead to better data-gathering, trustworthy Supplier Ratings, 360º supplier scorecards, deeper sourcing intelligence, and more data-driven decision making. 

What can you expect from this webinar?
  • Introduction from Kodiak Rating 
  • Benefits of 360º Supplier Scorecards
  • 10 Tips to Build Beautiful & Balanced Supplier Scorecards
  • Demonstration of best practices for building scorecards in Kodiak Rating
  • Q&A