We are Kodiak Rating


Challenge the common. Create the contemporary.

The founding of Kodiak Rating stemmed from the necessity of intuitive, user-friendly, digital solutions for strategic, sustainable sourcing, and supplier relationship management.

Meet the Management Team.

Daniel Hunt
Sales Lead

Daniel is an experienced salesperson who has experience working at firm giants such as ABC Television Network and Disney. Daniel has the best beard in the office.

Malin Schmidt
Co-Founder & CEO

Malin has extensive senior-level managerial experience as an executive operational officer, board chairperson as well as an entrepreneur and investor. We'd make a joke about her, but we're too scared.

Ashley Stephenson
Design Lead

Ashley is an experiened digital designer who hopped the pond from Great Britain to join our team. He likes to apologize for himself, which he assures us is a common British trait. He’s sorry about that.

Sam Jenks
Communications Lead

Sam is a talented communicator and digital marketer who, after crossing the great-wide Atlantic, joined our team from the USA. Sam does the majority of the talking in the office.

Charlotte Aronsson
Customer Success Lead

Charlotte has a background in communication and human rights. That experience compiled with her extraordinary communication skills makes her the perfect fit as Customer Success Lead at Kodiak Rating. Charlotte is too nice to make jokes about.

Maya Isaksson
Development Lead

Maya Isaksson is a seasoned developer who has taken over the role of product development manager assuring our software services our clients properly. She comes from the northern most civilized city in Sweden. So, if you don’t know what a spark is, don’t even bother contacting her.

Meet the Board.

Per Palmér

Per Palmér is a serial entrepreneur with extensive knowledge in the world of SaaS business ventures. Per’s technological expertise and know-how, paired with an never ending drive to innovate, is instrumental to the smart technology and analytics Kodiak Rating is bringing to customers today. Per is a member of the board in Kodiak Rating, and is currently operating from Singapore.

Kenneth Lundin

Kenneth Lundin has extensive executive managerial experience from globally recognized organizations and networks such as Microsoft. Today, Kenneth is a seasoned board person, as well as an investor and senior advisor. Kenneth is the chairperson of Kodiak Rating. Kenneth contributes an extensive network along with an international business-focus based on knowledge from building SaaS businesses.

Anders Eriksson

Anders Eriksson has a vast experience of industrial growth and development matched by few individuals; stemming from Scandector AB, to the Logistics companies of Skandia Transport and Motortransport. His extensive knowledge of flawlessly turning strategy into operations, paired with a strong focus on the financial pre-requisites for any business, makes Kodiak Rating keep our feet on the ground never losing sight of stakeholder value.

Want to work with us at Kodiak Rating?

What do we look for in a team member?

We’re a company that values innovation and change, always looking to hire individuals who have an eye towards development in many dimensions, including themselves. In a potential peer, we mainly look for intelligence, courage and creativity. It’s important to us that you can balance professionalism with having a good time at work, thus humor is an essential aspect of our work environment. Leadership is important, but knowing how to collaborate with peers is an equally important attribute. If Kodiak Rating seems like the type of company you can see yourself working within, take action, get in touch.