The SRM Solution.


Responsible Sourcing - realized.

Supplier Relationship Management
for a Digital World

Kodiak Rating simplifies processes in strategic sourcing and procurement functions by streamlining and simplifying the activities required to select, analyze, evaluate and collaborate with suppliers. The Kodiak Rating platform integrates supplier intelligence data from multiple sources, so that you gain expansive supplier insights key for realizing your responsible sourcing. Supplier assessment data is quantified, offering Supplier Ratings, Supplier Analytics and Supplier Insights for quick overview of our customers global supplier base. To ease the supplier performance management, collaboration and communication with suppliers is simplified through mobile applications, replacing supplier portals, e/mails and paper/trails. And, all necessary sourcing insights are made available, when and where you - or your supplier- might need it: at your desktop, at your tablet or on your phone.

Gain a Global Supplier Outlook.

View suppliers’ ratings, performance and progress through our Global Supplier Outlook.

Pinpoint Supplier Trends

See how your suppliers stack up in various key performance areas, and pinpoint developing supplier trends.

Supplier Insight.

The individualized Supplier Insight Report contains sleek, and concise supplier analytics and intelligence; entailing traceable data, easing trust and transparency.