The Service.


We turn Big Data into Action!

"This is how we do it.."

- Montell Jordan

Kodiak Rating simplifies processes in successful strategic sourcing and purchasing functions by streamlining and simplifying all the activities that take place to select, assess, analyze and evaluate suppliers. We are doing this by shifting the purchasing and sourcing playing fields, replacing the present paper-trail mode-of-operating, with modern digital solutions such as a software-as-a-service and complimentary apps that makes it easier than ever before to gain comprehensive insight into your suppliers and their way of operating.

The analysis and rating of your suppliers, is based on five sources of supplier assessments. The supplier assessment data is then quantified, and given numerical values resulting in Supplier Ratings, Supplier Analytics and Supplier Insights that are made available, when and where you need it; at your desktop, your tablet or on your phone.

Supplier Outlook.

View your suppliers’ ratings and performance, through our Supplier World Outlook.

Supplier Overview.

See how your suppliers stack up in various assessment areas, and gain a quick overview to compare supplier and category performance.

Supplier Insight.

The individualized Supplier Insight Report contains sleek, concise supplier information and supplier analysis for each supplier.