Global sourcing excellence, based on local supplier intelligence.

Kodiak Rating is a game-changer for your supplier relationship management. We offer an easy-to-use digital solution that provides you with in-depth insight and knowledge of all your suppliers around the globe, based on performance criteria, that is key for business success. Kodiak Rating helps you:

Increase top-line value
by enhancing your collaboration and innovation efforts together with the right suppliers.

Enforce Sustainable Business Practices
by simplifying the implementation of sustainability performance in all parts of your supply chain.

Improve bottom-line
by streamlining strategic sourcing and supplier management practices, to reduce your operational costs and increase yield.

Manage Supplier Risk
and minimize negative supplier-inflicted impact on your business by delivering on the increased demands for, comprehensive, supply chain risk-management practices.

Ensure Product Quality
by following and monitoring product as well as production quality to ensure that customers’ demands are met.

Ease Supplier Collaboration
by communicating performance criteria, feed-back and improvement-needs easily; allowing you, and your suppliers, to better collaborate and improve together.

Don’t just take it from us! See what our customers think:

"Achieving state-of- the-art purchasing practices globally in Perstorp while creating the best sustainable price is one of my top priorities. By using Kodiak Rating we have made a first step in applying common global standards and processes to assess suppliers across all Perstorp units. This will enable us to enhance collaboration with the best suppliers and create visible key performance indicators to drive continuous improvement"

- Jonas Heydl, Vice President of Procurement

"We have a long standing history of successful systematic supplier relationship management in B&B Tools. By using Kodiak Rating we have been able to improve this even further. Today we are constantly improving efficiency and performance across all six business areas"

- Per Spett, Director of Purchasing

"We quickly and easily integrated demands on responsible and sustainable business practices with our supplier performance management, as well as enhanced our supplier evaluations and supplier assessments practices"

- Lars Korduner, Chief Procurement Officer

"Through the use of Kodiak Rating, HSB develops long-term relations with suppliers that focus on both quality and and sustainability related performance. Through this we have been able to increase both yield and quality across all categories and products."

- Jane Svensk, Category Manager

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