Supplier Assessments.


Kodiak Rating Supplier Assessment Modules provide you with a comprehensive view of your suppliers’ mode of operating as-well-as a means to evaluate their performance over time. Kodiak Rating includes five different assessment modules which can be utilized together, but also work as stand-alone modules. Thus, you are able to tailor Kodiak Rating to your business’ specific needs and modes of operating.

Supplier Self-Assessment Module

Assessing your suppliers’ mode of operating (such as management system implementation and governance) is easy with our SelfView Module. The pre-defined assessment areas are complemented by category and industry specific requirements, as well as the specifics of your own supplier code of conduct.

See how the SelfView Assessment generates a Sustainability and Governance Rating

Sustainability & Governance Rating

On-Site Assessment Module

In order to expand on facts gained in the SelfView Assessment, the OnSight Assessment facilitates an on-site audit. By using the OnSight Module you can harmonize all supplier auditing activities across functions and units.

See how the OnSight Assessment generates a Sustainability and Governance Rating

Sustainability & Governance Rating

Performance Assessment Module

The KPInsight is a supplier performance management module that allows your company to evaluate your supplier’s performance, according to your key performance indicators; be it quality, supply chain, innovation, collaboration and/or CO2 impact.

See how the KPInsight Assessment generates a Performance Rating

Performance Rating

Risk Assessment Module

If your suppliers are operating in fragile, underdeveloped and/or human right-abusive countries, you are at greater risk of becoming exposed to adverse impacts of man, environment and society, putting your delivery reliability at risk. SafeSource Assessment allows you to address suppliers in high-risk countries and/or suppliers that deliver risk raw-materials - such as conflict minerals - before it can inflict damage to your supply chain.

See how the SafeSource Assessment generates a SafeSource Rating

SafeSource Rating

Financial Assessment Module

We have partnered with the world’s best credit rating companies, such as D&B and CreditSafe, seamlessly providing you access to the most extensive databases of accessible financial information; directly integrated in Kodiak Rating’s SRM solution.

See how the FineSupplier Assessment generates a Financial Rating

Financial Rating